How to Edit Study Information Before Uploading

When uploading studies via the web uploader, you are able to edit the description, patient name, and DOB after the study is scanned and before the study is uploaded.  

Once you have chosen the files to be uploaded and they have been scanned, a preview of the study information will display.  

Select the pencil at the top right of the studies list to edit information for all studies.  Any changes here will be applied to all studies being uploaded.  Select the pencil next to an individual study to edit information for just that study.

When editing the description and patient name for all studies, you can chose to replace, add as prefix, or add as suffix.  DOB can only be replaced.  

Any changes that have been made are highlighted before upload for emphasis.

Select the "Upload Selected Studies" button when all of the study information looks correct.

Please reach out to Ambra support at if you need any assistance with editing study information before uploading.

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