Burning a CD

Once you locate the study you would like to burn to a CD in Ambra, click the down arrow next to the "Download" button and select "Download ISO". 

Find the study in your "Downloads" folder on your computer. It will be a .zip file. You will need to unzip the file before burning it to a CD. Right click on the downloaded .zip file that you want to uncompress, and click on "Extract All" in context menu.

Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer. If the auto-run pop up appears, exit out of it. Drag the entire unzipped file onto the DVD Drive (D:) under "Computer" and click "Burn to disc" when prompted. If you are not prompted, right click on the "DVD Drive (D:)" and select "Burn to disc". The study can be viewed on the CD by selecting the "Viewer.exe" file.

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