Studies are not processing via the Ambra gateway. What should I do?

If you find that studies are not sending to Ambra from a PACS, or modality or from Ambra to a DICOM destination, the first step in troubleshooting is to restart the gateway services. This must be done on the machine (usually a PC or server) where an Ambra technician installed the gateway.

There are three gateway services – Ambra Gateway, Ambra Watchdog, and DICOM Grid ActiveMQ.

You can access the services in the Windows control panel. Once you open the services window, stop all three gateway services in the following order: Watchdog > Gateway > ActiveMQ. To stop a service, highlight that service and click “Stop” on the left side.

Wait 10 seconds after stopping all 3 services. Then, restart each service, beginning with ActiveMQ and ending with Watchdog, by highlighting the desired service and clicking “Start” on the left side.

After restarting the gateway services, check the log.log file to verify that the gateway has started a DICOM listener on the appropriate ports (defaults are 104 and 4006).

Note: The log.log file is usually located in the following file path: C:/Program Files/Ambra (or DICOMgrid)/gateway/logs

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