Starting a remote session

If you are experiencing issues sending via the Ambra gateway, it may be helpful to start a remote session on the gateway server. This will allow a member of the Ambra Support Team to connect and troubleshoot the gateway issues.

To start a remote support session, follow the steps below:

  1. On the gateway server, go to and click 'Download remote support'. 
  2. Run the download executable and click 'Accept' when prompted.
  3. Enter your Name and Company and click 'Submit (Secure)'.
  4. You will be connected and placed in a queue.
  5. Send a note to that you remote support session is ready.
  6. A member of the Ambra Support Team will connect to your session. Once they have connected, you will be able to chat directly with the support team member via the Remote Support Session window.

Note - Be sure to keep the Remote Support Session window open until the Ambra Support Team member has notified you that they have disconnected. Closing this window will end the support session and the team member will no longer be able to troubleshoot.

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