What should I do if I am having difficulty uploading a video?

There are a couple of steps you can take to try and resolve your uploading issue:

  • Try a different browser;
  • Copy the file onto your desktop and reupload from that location;
  • Be sure to check the box before upload (if applicable); and
  • Wait until the file is completely uploaded before logging out.

If your upload attempt is still unsuccessful, the error may be related to the size of the video. In this case, please attempt to split your video or create a .zip file.


In order to split your video, you may use different programs. For Mac users, you can use QuickTime Player. For PC users, you can use Windows Media Player.


The process to zip your video differs slightly for Mac and PC users. For Mac users, right click the video file and select ‘Compress.’


For PC users, right click the video file you want to zip, toggle over ‘Send to,’ and select ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’.


After creating your .zip file, you can then attempt to reupload.

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