Cannot Find Study

This can occur when a user is uploading a study that has been previously uploaded to Ambra. Even if the user is adding new images to the study, the upload date will remain the same as when the study was first uploaded. Thus, the study will not appear when filtering by ‘Today’ under ‘Uploaded Date.’


To find the study, a user should filter by other identifying information such as Patient Name, MRN, or Study Date.

Picture2.pngThe Ambra platform will recognize that the exact same study already exists in the system and will update the existing study. This update will be logged in the audit trail, which can be accessed by clicking the icon to the left of the star icon on a study. 

** Please note that some users, such as those uploading to a clinical trial, will not be able to view the audit trail

If you still cannot locate your study, please submit a ticket and our team will be happy to assist.

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