Can’t upload studies in any browser?

Ambra’s Study Uploader for Microsoft Windows helps make uploading of medical imaging studies a quick and simple process. This is a useful tool to upload if:  

  • Unable to download or update Java
  • Having trouble using all other internet browsers

Please go to this link to download and install the tool.

Once you have gone through the installation process, open the program and log in as you would using the web uploader.


Select the studies you wish to upload in the browser bar on the top and click scan.


Next you can choose where you want to upload to in the drop down bar on the bottom. NOTE: This list will show all groups, sites, and locations that you are a part of thus you should be careful to choose the correct one.


When selected, click upload and wait as the study uploads. Please do not exit the browser until it says "uploaded". Once uploaded, you will be able to access the studies on the Ambra web portal.Screen_Shot_2017-09-08_at_10.58.45_AM.png

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