No images found when uploading

Your images must be in the file format .dcm (DICOM) to be recognized by Ambra and upload successfully.

If you are attempting to upload DICOM files and receive the error 'No images found' when you try to select a file to upload, it likely means that the images you have in the file or on your CD/DVD are not in the proper image format. Please obtain the correct file format of the images in order to successfully upload. 

If you are uploading on Google Chrome, this error may be a result of the way that Chrome reads DICOM tags. Please try uploading using a different browser. For more information regarding supported browsers, please click  here.

If you are uploading non-DICOM files, be sure to check the box on the upload page prior to scanning your file. 

This will wrap the file in a DICOM shell, allowing you to upload the non-DICOM files. If this checkbox is not available on the upload page, it is likely that the trial or organization is not accepting non-DICOM file submissions and you will need to obtain DICOM files for upload. 

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