How do I accept an invitation?

Once you are invited to Ambra, you will receive an invitation email. To activate your access, locate and open the email. Click on the link provided in the email. You will be brought to a log in page.

Log in with your existing username (email address) and password. Once logged in, a green "Invitation Activated" notification will briefly appear on the page.

Log out and log back in. You should now see the trial you were invited to in the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the page to the left of your name. This dropdown lists all of the accounts you are a part of.

Potential Issues:

"I didn't receive the invite" - Check your spam folder.

"I clicked the link and logged in but still don't have access" - Try logging out and logging back in.  Sometimes this is what it takes for the system to recognize your new access.

"I don't have a password / I forgot my password" - Here is an article about resetting your password.

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