Navigating the Upload Page

  1. Click on the dropdown next to "Studies" to select the correct location or group you would like to upload to.
  2. Click the "Add Studies" dropdown and select "Upload Studies"

3. Click "Choose File"

- If the file needs to be DICOM wrapped, please check the box before choosing your file. Note: this feature will not be available for all users. 

4. In your computer's file browser, choose the file(s) to be uploaded. 

- If you are unsure which files are actually the images, just select all the files on the disk/in the folder. Our scanner will only pull in the DICOM (.dcm) files

- The look of your browser may be different than pictured, these file browser vary from computer to computer 

5. Once your files have been scanned you may be prompted to fill out fields for the organization. Once these have been filled out click "Upload Selected Studies"

6. Once you see the green "Uploaded" box your study has been successfully uploaded. 

- Click "Back to Studies" to return to the worklist 

- Click "Upload More" if you would like to upload more studies, this will return you to Step 3

If you experience any issues during the upload process, please see our Uploading Video, or take a look at our troubleshooting support documents. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Ambra Support team using the widget in the bottom right hand corner of the page. 

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